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Back in November, Hub and I headed out to Berry College to take pictures of these beautiful people on a beautiful campus.  Seriously, these are some of my favorite pictures ever!


I love these next two shots SO much!

I think my heart stopped beating the first time I looked at them.


You can tell they have a lot of fun together…


I had to get up on the Hub’s shoulder’s to take the next two…


We loved this road!


Jason and Rachel – I am SO excited for your wedding!

I love you guys and Rach, I can’t wait for you to be my sister!

.Love April.


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Lovely is the perfect word for these classy people!  I had a lot of fun shooting these two several weeks ago.  They are near to my heart because they both love to do the things I love to do – photography and art!  J does photography on the side and S makes and sells jewelry (among other things) on the side.  I loved seeing how much fun they have together.  Check em out…

So sweet!


Gorgeous Smile in the next one…


J, the photographer, found us this awesome spot to shoot in – it had a waterfall, golf course, and tons of other interesting scenery.  It was perfect!


I’m so jealous of S’ red hair – its such a gorgeous color- and she is such a model.


See what I mean about fun?  I love this one!


S & J, thanks so much for letting me shoot these pictures of you!  I hope I captured the life and love in your relationship as well as it captured me (corny, I know, but seriously!)

Check out S’ jewelry website here!

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I can’t wait to blog about these two!


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I have been wanting to shoot at the county fair for a while now!  Lucky for me I have an awesome brother-in-law and gorgeous sister-to-be who were up for it!

We hit the Cobb County Fairgrounds back in September.


Our first stop – the Ferris Wheel…



…where we figured out that we’re all kind of afraid of heights!  I love my sister-in-law’s face here!


I love the colors of the lights and the sky in this one!


It got dark fast!

Time stands still when you’re in love!  😉


Man, these two sure kiss a lot!


The sweetness…


…is overwhelming.  🙂


I love this one!


[The End]


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So, it rained on Tuesday around 6pm, when Ashley and I were planning on meeting Jill and Ben for a yummy sushi dinner and then heading over to downtown Kennesaw for our photoshoot. We decided to go ahead and eat together and THEN decide if the weather was nice enough to shoot in. Well, the rain cleared up – leaving us with some great rich colors and puddles and a nice clear sky! Here are my favorite shots from the session!

[This is Jill attempting to put on her serious face.]

[This is Ben’s face after he was stung in the head by a wasp. lol.]

[I just LOVE this one.]

[Haha! This one is so Jill!]

[Here’s Ben’s version]

[This one might just be my favorite of the day! I love the looks on their faces!]

After we lost our daylight, we decided to spend some time playing at the laundromat.

I have always wanted to shoot at a laundromat!

YAY! 🙂

[I ADORE this one!]

Ben and Jill – I had a great time hanging out with you guys! Thank you both for thinking of me to take your photos! I am really happy with how they turned out!

I hope you like them!


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So, as I mentioned, Ashley let me tag along with her on this shoot, and can I tell you it was so much fun! First, we went to Piedmont Park in Atlanta – the location of Mary and Bryan’s first date. Then we headed to Little Five Points (an area I LOVE) and all four had lunch together. Ashley and I finished up there with a short shopping trip – I mean, because you can’t not go shopping when you’re in Little Five. Everything is very original and flowing with creativity.

Thanks for letting me tag along with you, Ashley! I had SUCH a great time as usual.

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This past week, the Hub and I took a little vacation with some friends of ours. The four of us headed down to Daytona Beach for 7 days. It was awesome. We (of course) layed out in the sun, swam in the ocean/pool and went out to eat at some cool places. But we also went to the movies twice and I talked them into letting me do a short photo shoot of the two of them. Here’s how it went.

Thanks for letting me shoot the two of you! We had a great week and you guys are beautiful models! 😉

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