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hello there.

Hello blogging world!  It’s been a while since we last posted.

Is it really March already??

Casey and I have been making some big changes and staying busy as usual!

I’ve recently updated the main website design and am working on adding more up-to-date photos from recent shoots – go check it out!

Well we just wanted to say “Hey!” and to share a shot of a beautiful lady we know.


Have a great week my friends!

.love April.


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I can’t wait to blog about these two!


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Christmas Presence

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Winter Songs

This is not the sort of thing I usually post on this blog, but I couldn’t resist sharing – this CD. It is AMAZING! It’s my new favorite Christmas CD. I don’t usually enjoy Christmas music for very long but this doesn’t sound too Christmas-y so I think I’ll be listening to it for a while.

Hope you enjoy it!

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I apologize!  What use is there having a blog if you’re never going to update it, right? 

Well, I have had several opportunities to work on my portfolio lately.  Most of that I cannot post here just yet.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anybody!  Two Wedding assists, One half of an Engagement Session, another Newborn session with Eden, and a Family Session are all up on my desktop, waiting to be shown!  I am so bad at keeping things that I am excited about a secret.  Well, actually, I am very good at doing it, but it is definitely agonizing for me!  If Hub and I ever get pregnant, everyone will be hearing about it the day we find out, I am sure!  This is assuming that I won’t be walking around with a stunned look on my face, stuttering over my words and feet, not making any sense (possibly peeing my pants) to the point that you will know there is something very wrong (or very right?) with me without me even telling you.  🙂

Other than being very busy with life and work in general, Hub is doing great (just about back to his normal self) and we have been enjoying the fall weather SO much!  There is nothing like being able to air out your house, by turning off the A/C and opening every window that isn’t painted shut (in our case. haha.)  I should have something new for you this week but in the meantime, here’s a new picture of me and the pooch enjoying that outside air!

Me:  Maaaax – Look at the cameeraaaaa!  Lookat the camera!

Me (affectionately):  Max – look at the camera or I will make you, dog!

Max:  What?  You are giving me attention? I will lick you ALL over!!!!!

Me: Gross, Max – quit it!  Look at the camera! 

Me:  Come on!  Make a face, like me . . .

Me:  Max?  Max, come on Max . . . oh, whatever.

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Our Labor Day Weekend Story

Have I ever said before how blessed I am. I really don’t think I have. So let me just say that I am totally extremely blessed every day of my life, every hour, every minute and every second.

This labor day weekend, we went with Hub’s brother (Jason) and his fiance’ (Rachel) to Rachel’s family’s lake house in Alabama.

We were planning on spending the night Sunday and driving back home Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out that way. We ended up spending three nights in an Alabama hospital and didn’t get home until Thursday afternoon.

Basically, without reliving it all (again) Hub got into a tubing accident that left him with a concussion and major bruises and scrapes to the right side of his body. It was one of the scariest days of my life (the blood, the waiting, the pain hub experienced) – but it could have been a WHOLE lot worse. God really had His hand on Hub the whole time (as He always does). So, can I just say that I am blessed? Even if Hub hadn’t been okay, even if nothing had gone right and everything had gone wrong, I still believe I would be blessed. I am SO glad He worked it out this way. I am SO glad this was part of His plan. I am so glad. SO glad! O gosh. Anyway, sorry you don’t get the whole story. I am really tired of thinking about it and talking about it. But here are some pictures from the past 3 days. The last one is my favorite. My husband is hot! I just love him. He is my best friend.

Nine stitches, a cat scan, and a few ex-rays later.

After we found out he was going to be just fine, I started taking some pics

(so he could see all that had happened while he was out).

I don’t like this one. That’s my baby 😦

Hub’s parents came to stay with us. They took very good care of both of us.

I don’t know what I would have done without them there.

The second day Hub was awake but still out of it.

When Hub was still in the emergency room, the doctors asked us to wait down the hall while they put in his stitches and stuff. He was in a lot of pain and still really out of it but was constantly making jokes. I kept seeing the nurses leave his room laughing. The doctor came out at one point and seeing me waiting there, asked me if I was hub’s “hot wife”. I laughed and said yes.

Jason and I went into the ER to see him and he started ragging Jason about how he had held onto the tube longer than him.

Fortunately, I was able to pull the spare “bed” up to his hospital bed.

(Jason and Rachel made the “bed” up for me and got us some really nice comfy blankets! Mine is Tinkerbell and Hub’s is The Hulk- they will forever be known as our souveneirs from the dock-crashing incident. 😉 )

Two more shots of the nasty battle wounds.

We cleaned him up and got him dressed and then they let us leave!

It’s really good to be home! Thank you everyone who has been praying for us! Your prayers have been felt!

Thank you – a BIG thank you to all of Rachel’s WONDERFUL family (especially to her uncle Jeff) for being there for us, visiting us, and being so extremely hospitable! You all treated us like part of your family and we love you! We can’t wait to see you all again.



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So, In following the footsteps of some of my blogging friends, I would like to post some random facts about myself. I really enjoyed reading theirs, so hopefully you will enjoy reading mine! 🙂

My name is April Chandler. I am 26 years old and this is Random. 🙂

1. I am ALWAYS noticing my surroundings and mostly prefer being places that have a nice atmosphere – to the point that I would pick a restaurant for it’s atmosphere rather than for it’s food.

2. I almost hate living in Georgia. Isn’t that horrible? Iam trying to like it more, though and hopefully this one will eventually fall off the list. What do I dislike about it? Humidity, Pollen, the fact that the terrain doesn’t change much, most of the restaurants and stores are chains (it all looks the same), the winter is ugly (makes me want to hibernate for a few months), most people don’t spend much time outside (who would want to in the humidity and pollen?), there is still a lot of segregation racially among people, and there is no beach (at least, not where we live).

3. What I DO like about Georgia, however is the PEOPLE. I love my friends and family here! I also like being near a major airport, the farms/barns and old downtown areas. I like the weather for a few short weeks in the fall and a few in the spring (when it is cool and relatively dry out). I like Savannah and being close to so many different states.

4. I grew up mostly in Southern California (thus my snobbiness about weather and atmosphere!) and partially in Southern Oregon. I am definitely a west coast girl and don’t feel like I really “fit in” on the east coast – as far as style goes. Speaking of which,

5. I have been called a “hippie” before and though I didn’t agree with that, I didn’t really mind it either.

6. I LOVE being creative and artsy. I love things that are beautiful and I love making things beautiful. I sometimes re-dress or accessorize or redo people’s make up and hair in my mind – if I think it could look better… I know, that is really weird.

7. I rarely cook and even less often do I ever enjoy cooking BUT- I love to bake! I especially love baking bread! And eating bread! Mmmmmm.

8. If I could be any other nationality as far as looks go, I would pick Asian. I just think Asian women are the most beautiful in the world! Second would be Latino and Third would be Dominican.

9. The two funnest things I’ve ever experienced in the Atlanta area were The Drive-In movie theatre, and Caving (somewhere in North Georgia).

10. I have never been drunk before – nor do I mind going without that experience for the rest of my life!

11. I LOVE travelling and exploring SO MUCH! I want to see the whole world but my top places are: Europe, Israel, Australia & New Zealand.

12. I don’t want to have kids until I have at least travelled to Europe. AND – I would actually love to (and this is probably more than you’d care to know about me) conceive a child in Europe! If this happens, I will forever (or for 9 mos) be trying to talk the Hub into naming that child after the area we were travelling through.

13. I love reading good fiction books! Right now I am obsessed with Harry Potter and the Twilight Series. I can’t wait for the movies to come out this winter!

14. Speaking of movies – I am REALLY picky about them! Hub and I think we are some kind of movie critics. A movie can’t just be cute or a feel-good movie to get our approval. We take the creativity, acting, originality, EVERYTHING into account! But I get bored of most movies pretty fast. A lot of his all time favorite classics I will cross off my list because I am sick of hearing about or seeing them! Some of my current fave movies are: Wicker Park, Kill Bill, the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice, Definitely Maybe, the Departed, Stardust, Back to the Future, and most old 80s and 90s movies <3!

15. I am really picky about music too. I like stuff that makes me feel something. I HATE mindless lyrics. I like originality. My favorite all time band ever in the history of the world is Coldplay. No one beats Coldplay, not even U2, in my opinion. I know, I know – it’s U2! but I don’t care. 🙂



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