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Back in November, Hub and I headed out to Berry College to take pictures of these beautiful people on a beautiful campus.  Seriously, these are some of my favorite pictures ever!


I love these next two shots SO much!

I think my heart stopped beating the first time I looked at them.


You can tell they have a lot of fun together…


I had to get up on the Hub’s shoulder’s to take the next two…


We loved this road!


Jason and Rachel – I am SO excited for your wedding!

I love you guys and Rach, I can’t wait for you to be my sister!

.Love April.


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Lovely is the perfect word for these classy people!  I had a lot of fun shooting these two several weeks ago.  They are near to my heart because they both love to do the things I love to do – photography and art!  J does photography on the side and S makes and sells jewelry (among other things) on the side.  I loved seeing how much fun they have together.  Check em out…

So sweet!


Gorgeous Smile in the next one…


J, the photographer, found us this awesome spot to shoot in – it had a waterfall, golf course, and tons of other interesting scenery.  It was perfect!


I’m so jealous of S’ red hair – its such a gorgeous color- and she is such a model.


See what I mean about fun?  I love this one!


S & J, thanks so much for letting me shoot these pictures of you!  I hope I captured the life and love in your relationship as well as it captured me (corny, I know, but seriously!)

Check out S’ jewelry website here!

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I can’t wait to blog about these two!


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